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Chemical communication

Chemical communication is involved in social interactions in various contexts such as mate choice, mother-infant relationship and other kin relations. Each individual has specific odour signature originating from interaction between secretion of sebaceous, apocrine and eccrine glands and metabolic activity of skin microflora. Odour signature is influenced by ones genetic makeup and environmental factors such as diet, diseases or reproductive status. Our group studies how environmental (diet), contextual (affective states), genetic make-up (MHC) and cultural practices (perfumes) affect human body...(read more)

Partner selection

Theoretical Bachelor Thesis:

  1. Processes leading to imprinting-like effects: associative learning, mere-exposure effect, familiarity, phenotypic similarity theory, etc. - Zuzana Štěrbová
  2. Homogamy in animals in appearance and behavior (comparative perspective) - Zuzana Štěrbová


  1. Similarity of partner preferences in siblings - Zuzana Štěrbová
  2. Homogamy of eye and hair color between partners / friends (analysis of Facebook profile pictures) - Zuzana Štěrbová
...(read more)