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Zsófia Csajbók

PhD student at the Faculty of Science and junior researcher in NUDZ

Zsófia Csajbók graduated from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary as a Behavioural Analyst (Bachelor’s degree) and a Clinical and Health Psychologist (Master’s degree). She is currently attending the Theoretical and Evolutionary Biology Ph.D. programme at Charles University in Prague. Her dissertation topic is the comparison of the Additive and Threshold models of mating. She is interested in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research on mate choice, strategies and preferences as well as extracting the essential positive and negative factors influencing…

Jitka Fialová

PhD student at the Faculty of Science and junior researcher in NUDZ

Her research interests lie mainly in human olfaction and body odour perception, especially on environmental factors affecting body odour quality. She studied the effect of diet quality and quantity on body odour, currently  focusing on possible communication of emotions via body odour and its influence on other individuals. Other work includes relationship between effectiveness of immune system and attractiveness (both visual and olfactory), the role of olfaction in mother-infant relationship and factors affecting the onset of lactation or competition. She received…

Jan Havlíček

Associate professor at the Faculty of Science and senior researcher in NUDZ

His main research interest is in evolutionary aspects of social perception. His group studies how odours, faces and voices influence impression formation, primarily in mating and competitive contexts, mainly within the theoretical frameworks of signalling, sexual selection and dual inheritance theory. His interests further include romantic relatioship formation and interaction of biological and cultural evolution. His background is in biology (BSc) and anthropology (MSc). He received a PhD (2004) from Charles University, Prague, for a study on human chemical communication.…

Radim Kuba

PhD student at the Faculty of Science and junior researcher in NUDZ

As part of his doctoral studies at the Department of Philosophy and History of Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, he deals with the wider influence of sibling constellations on different areas of human personality (GAUK No. 269215). Therefore, he mainly addresses research questions concerning the influence of family environment as the most important epigenetic factor in the formation of person's character traits, study skills, sexual strategies, solutions to moral dilemmas, but also on their physiological or…

Radka Kučerová

PhD Student at the Department of Antropology, Faculty of Humanities UK.

Radka Kučerová is a PhD student at the Department of Antropology, Faculty of Humanities UK. Her main field are the begginings of relationships, specifically the discrepancy between the image of ideal and actual partner from retrospective as well as prospective point of view (include follow-up study on speed-dating participants). In her free time she likes to travel, walk with her dog and sew.

Tereza Nevolová

Master´s Degree Student at the Department of Antropology and administrative worker at NIMH

Tereza Nevolová's research focuses on women's attractiveness in the context of partner selection and intrasexual competition. In particular, she is interested in the role played by a woman's grooming (primarilly her facial makeup) in the attractiveness attributed to her, and in the psychological characteristics of both the observer and the wearer. She participates in the collection of data and administration within the team grant project. She is a master's degree student in General Anthropology (specializing in Human Ethology and Social…

Pavel Šebesta

PhD Student at the department of General Anthropology

My scientifique interest incorporate topics as social perception, human voice, synesthesia - all from evolutionary perspective. Why do women’s and men’s voices differ? Is personality reflected in one’s voice? Is it possible to assess physical formidability or bodily dimensions from voice? Which voices are attractive and why? These questions summarise what I am currently working on or in the past. Other topic I am interested in - synesthesia so called “merging of senses” is a remarkable perceptual phenomenon. Does synesthetes…

Ayten Yeşim Semchenko

Her research interests lie in the field of human mating strategies and decision making under uncertainty. Currently, she works on her dissertation which is about human mating strategies from a cross-cultural perspective. She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey) and her first master’s degree in Social Psychology and Its Application at the University of Groningen (Groningen, The Netherlands). Following that, she graduated from another master’s degree in Cognitive Science at the Middle…

Zuzana Štěrbová

PhD student at the First Faculty of Medicine and junior researcher in NUDZ

Zuzana Štěrbová is a PhD student of Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University. Her research focuses mainly on parental influence on mate choice and sexual behavior, assortative mating, discrepancy between partner preferences and actual choices, and relationship satisfaction. Her leisure time activities include birdswatching, fine (especially contemporary) and applied arts, and travelling with her sister Alena.

Vít Třebický

PhD student at the Faculty of Science and junior researcher in NUDZ

His research focuses on sexual dimorphism and variability of humans in sexual selection framework. He is mainly interested in the human morphology and perception of visual cues of men´s faces and bodies involved in intra-sexual competition and women's preferences for traits of physical attractiveness in men. Another line of his interests lies in the development of the standardised methodology of visual stimuli acquisition and processing. He received his bachelor degree at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University and finished his…

Petr Tureček

PhD student at the Faculty of Science and junior researcher in NUDZ

Petr Tureček's prime concern is cultural evolution. He now is working on computer models of systems with non-particulate inheritance, which are relevant to this field. Beside that he cooperates on several projects concerning human ethology. Amongst his many reaserch topics are such things as the evolution of female menopause and grandmothering, birth-order effects, general attractiveness and mate choice. He is pioneering new research topics; semantic pareidolia and live yurt hypothesis studied by archetypal archeology. He is a student of doctoral…

Kateřina Fiurašková

Kateřina Fiurašková study Zoology (Ecology and ethology) at the Faculty of science of Charles university, where she also studied the Bachelor’s degree in Ecological and evolutionary biology. She
deals with the effect of hormonal contraception on partner preferences. The subject of her diploma thesis is the effect of hormonal contraception use during relationship formation on subsequent
relationship satisfaction and fertility.

Her supervisor is Jan Havlíček.

Lucie Kuncová

Lucie Kuncová focuses on the development of olfactory preferences in human mate choice. In her Master thesis, she researches resemblance between women’s partner’s and father’s body odours in connection to the quality of the relationship with her father during childhood. Concurrently she focuses on influence of resemblance on the partnership and sexual satisfaction and the stability of the relationship.

She is a Master student of Zoology (specialization in Ecology and Ethology) at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, where she obtained a Bachelor´s degree in Biology. Her supervisor is Jan Havlíček.

Dagmar Schwambergová

Dagmar Schwambergová is a master’s degree student of Zoology specialized in Ecology and ethology at the Faculty of Science at Charles University, where she also obtained bachelor’s degree in general biology.


In her diploma thesis she’s investigating the relationship between the reactivity of immune system and the quality of human’s body odor. Her supervisor is Jan Havlíček.

Žaneta Slámová

Žaneta Slámová is a master’s degree student of General Anthropology specializing in Human Ethology and Social, Cultural and Linguistic Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague.

The topic of her thesis, which she works on under the supervision of Mgr. Jitka Fialová, is a relationship between reactivity of immune system and facial attractiveness.

She received her bachelor’s degree at Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague and in the past she was interested also in dreams and qualitative research.

Pavlína Šámalová

She studies at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, a master´s degree in Theoretical and Evolutionary Biology. In her research she deals with the factors influencing the onset of breastfeeding. Her supervisor is Jan Havlíček. She also participates on Martin Hůla´s research, focusing on flower preferences.