PTNCE 2019 in Prague

We had a pleasure to host international conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies at the Faculty of Science. For the first time, it was held outside Poland. Check out topics we presented here.


Conference attendees


Vít Třebický, Jitka Třebická Fialová, David Stella – The art of scientific photography (workshop)


Ayten Yeşim Semchenko – How to prepare poster in LaTeX (workshop)


Jan Havlíček – Grandpas can do the job similarly well: Positive effect of grandfather’s presence on offspring’s survival


Jitka Lindová – Dominance and friendly behaviour during self-presentation of men in a mating context is linked to their testosterone levels


Karel Kleisner – Preferences of allometric and non-allometric variation in sexual shape dimorphism based on faces from four distant cultures and its relationship to perception of masculinity and femininity


Jakub Binter – Testosterone and cortisol dynamics model for sexual partner competition: Presentation and corroborating statistical outcomes


Zsófia Csajbók – The comparison of the Additive and Threshold Models of mate choice


Pavel Šebesta – Fundamental frequency and dominant cepstral peak of men’s voices predicts testosterone levels: An exploratory study


Vít Třebický – Research into the male intra-sexual competition: First years of just scratching the surface (The Professor Jan Strzałko Award for outstanding young scientists 2018)


Petr Tureček – Charlie Bucket effect: Two grandmothers decrease survival probability