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ISHE 2020

We invite abstract proposals for the XXV ISHE Congress in Liverpool which will be held 6. – 10. July 2020. Proposals will be considered for inclusion in the programme if they are received for review by 15th March 2020. Don´t miss great plenary speakers Gilian Brown, Shlomo Hareli, Maria Johansson, Bettina Pause a Bridget Waller. For more visit the conference website….(read more)

Posted on 7/2/2020

Self-perceived mate value is poorly predicted by demographic variables

Mate value is a construct that can be measured in various ways, ranging from complex but difficult-to-obtain ratings all the way to single-item self-report measures. Due to low sample sizes in previous studies, little is known about the relationship between mate value and demographic variables. In this article, we tested the Mate Value Scale, a relatively new, short, 4-item self-report measure in two large samples. In the first sample of over 1,000, mostly college-age participants, the scale was found to be reliable and correlated with criterion variables in expected ways….(read more)

Posted on 6/2/2020

HBES 2020

Submit your abstract for this year’s Human Behavior and Evolution Society conference which will be held 24. – 27. 6. 2020 in Detroit. Abstract submission deadline is 15. 3. Plenary speakers include Peter Grant, Rosemary Grant, Bobbi Low, Anne Pusey, Cas Soper, Debra Lieberman, Jan-Willem van Prooijen. Visit the conference website for updates….(read more)

Posted on 3/2/2020

Dr Bettina Pause – More than just words: The chemical communication of social information

As humans, we communicate our emotions to others in several different ways, including touch, motion, facial expression, and of course, speech. We can also communicate social information through chemosensory signals. Dr Bettina Pause, a professor at Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, has carried out extensive research exploring human communication and sensory perception, and in particular, how we quickly and effectively convey emotional states such as anxiety and aggression to others without even using words. See here….(read more)

Posted on 31/1/2020

PTNCE 2020

Conferences of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies (PTNCE) are international meetings which bring together a wide range of scholars who use in their research the evolutionary framework. They come from highly diverse backgrounds, such as anthropology, archaeology, behavioural sciences, cognitive science, linguistics, psychology, and primatology. PTNCE conferences are well known for their friendly atmosphere and the high quality of discussions and scientific results presented by participants. Join us on 14-17 September 2020 in Białystok, the traditional meeting place of Polish,…(read more)

Posted on 24/1/2020

Student travel grants for EHBEA 2020

The European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association together with the Human Behavior and Evolution Society offers a travel grant to students to partially offset travel and local costs related to participation in EHBEA2020. Each student may apply for a maximum of €400 to cover reasonable travel expenses incurred in order to attend the conference. To apply for the grant, a completed application form should be emailed to the EHBEA Secretary by 5pm (GMT) on January 31 (ehbea.secretary@gmail.com)….(read more)

Posted on 20/1/2020

ICP 2020 conference

Abstract submission deadline for ICP 2020 conference was extended till 19. January. You can submit your abstract to one of the symposium – assortative mating, competition, courtship….(read more)

Posted on 13/1/2020

International Congress of Psychology 2020

We would like to inform you about the possibility to take part in the ICP 2020 Prague (and the approaching deadline). The International Congress of Psychology (ICP), organized by the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) and The Czech-Moravian Psychological Society, is held every four years, just as the Olympic Games! Just as the Olympic Games, this conference has a lot of disciplines, including Evolutionary Psychology, which we are in charge of. The next year, ICP takes place in Prague, Czech Republic….(read more)

Posted on 18/11/2019

PTNCE 2019 in Prague

We had a pleasure to host international conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies at the Faculty of Science. For the first time, it was held outside Poland. Check out topics we presented here.   Conference attendees   Vít Třebický, Jitka Třebická Fialová, David Stella – The art of scientific photography (workshop)   Ayten Yeşim Semchenko – How to prepare poster in LaTeX (workshop)   Jan Havlíček – Grandpas can do the job similarly well: Positive effect of grandfather’s presence on offspring’s survival  …(read more)

Posted on 24/10/2019