Olfactory perception and cognition

Our work focuses primarily on interindividual differences in olfactory perception and identification of factors contributing to variability in olfaction. Studies conducted so far show that the variability is not connected to sex differences only, but can be observed within sexes for instance due to sex (a)typicality (i. e., gender nonconformity). We revealed that interindividual differences are linked to personal characteristics (neuroticism in particular) as well or intraindividual changes in olfactory abilities were shown to be connected to menstrual cycle phase in women with higher sensitivity during fertile phase. Moreover, our research involves the phenomenon of odour awareness which seems to be substantially influenced by ordinary scent-related activities involved in our everyday routine. Other research interests involve ontogeny of human olfaction (from newborns to old-aged individuals) and possible utilization of olfactory tests as predictors of certain neurodegenerative diseases (e. g., Alzheimer disease).

This topic is studied by Lenka Martinec Nováková and Jan Havlíček.