Conference of Czech and Slovak ethological society 2018

The last Czech and Slovak ethological conference was held in Ostrava, 9. – 12. November 2018. Several members of our group presented their latest results there, for more see.

Lucie Kuncová: Olfactory imprinting-like effect based mate choice


Dagmar Schwambergová: Is immune system reactiveness linked to human body odour quality?


Žaneta Slámová: The association between immune system reactiveness and facial attractiveness


Kateřina Fiurašková: The effect of hormonal contraception use during relationship formation on satisfaction


Pavel Šebesta: Acoustic correlates of perceived formidability of roars and utterances and their relationship with fighting success in MMA fighters


Upper left: Ondřej Novák, Martin Hůla, Pavel Šebesta, Nicole Komjatiová, Žaneta Slámová, Lenka Kysilková, Lucie Kuncová, Jana Hlaváčová, Kateřina Fiurašková, Dagmar Schwambergová, Alena Čiženková.