Czech and Slovak Ethological Society conference 2017

Traditionally, our group participated at the Czech and Slovak Ethological Society conference in Jihlava (22. – 25. 11.).


Jitka Fialová – Can you smell the winner? The effect of competition oh human body odour


Jan Havlíček – The effect of adolescence on perception of kin body odour


Jitka Lindová – Vocabulary of grey parrots reared at human homes: is grey parrot communication suitable model for evolution of symbolic communication?


Pavel Šebesta – Relationship between acoustic voice characteristics and body shape in African males


Zuzana Štěrbová – Does father’s somatotype affect partner preferences and real mate choice?


Petr Tureček – Testing the perceptual spandrel hypothesis: Comparison of cyclical and interindividual variability in facial attractiveness

The talk received 2. best committee talk award. Congratulations!


Tereza Zikánová – Does she like me? Eye-tracking study of female non-verbal behaviour

The talk received 1. best audience talk award and 3. best committee talk award. Congratulations!


Kateřina Fiurášková – The effect of hormonal contraception use on mate choice and relationship satisfaction


Anna Fišerová – The relationship between emotional bond and partner life in heterosexual couples


Lucie Kuncová – Women have their type! Repeatability of female mate choice in personality


Žaneta Slámová – The association between relative facial width and 2D:4D ratio in Mixed Martial Arts fighters