Blokový kurz – Dr. Tamas David-Barrett

Zveme na blokový kurz zaměřený na počátky lidského sociálního chování z interdisciplinární perspektivy, který povede hostující profesor z Oxfordské univerzity Dr. Tamas David-Barrett. Více informací níže:

Dr. Tamas David-Barrett is a visiting professor from Oxford University who will teach the course The Origin of Human Social Behaviour. The 3 days block course will be taught from 1/10 to 3/10 2021 from 9:30 to 17:00. It is focused on MSc. and PhD. students. The aim of the course is to present the latest research in the evolution of human social behaviour from the perspective of several disciplines, such as comparative zoology, ethology, evolutionary anthropology, and behavioural economics.
Students can enrol the course in SIS as Advances in Zoology (MB170P87).
Credits: 2 (for attendance)
Location: Faculty of Science, Dpt of Zoology, Viničná 7, Prague 2, room 312.

OUTLINE of the course:
Society Basics
Living beings doing stuff together
You are an animal
Enigma of cooperation, problem of coordination
Behavioural synchrony
Enters the Human Ape
An evolutionary jump 2.6-1.9mya
Evo accessories: pot, jog, sing, speak
A very peaceful brutal aggressor
From Mother’s Milk to Human Sacrifice
Interactive workshop: the natural history of oxytocin-based community bonds

Levelled Foragers to Sun Gods and Back
Two models of inequality become one
Traditions that regulate inequality
Hierarchy goes 3D
Chimp, Bonobo, Human
Interactive workshop
Flexible Gender Rules, Deeply Anchored
Six factors that drive women and men
1760-2022: the end of male dominance
Five deadly sins of patriarchy
Matriocracy: the global human’s social organisation

Structural Microfoundations of the Society
Sex and desire cause too much maths
Anthropologist cage fight: kinship
Herding friends and other useful tricks
Science of Navel-Gazing Science
Natural history of scientific thinking
8bn brains + 1tr silicon chips = ?

Those interested can watch Dr. David-Barrett youtube series Human Beast.