Attractiveness has a strong influence on how we perceive others and how we interact. Attractive individuals enjoy certain social benefits and are more desirable partners, because from the evolutionary perspective, attractive traits are markers of individual´s quality and mating with them can increase reproductive success. Our team investigates various traits that can influence perception of attractiveness like bodily physical attractiveness (e.g., overall physique, symmetry, height, waist-to-hips ratio or hips-to-shoulders ratio) and facial attractiveness (facial symmetry, proportionality, neoteny, averageness, beardedness, masculinity-femininity and facial redness and colour contrast). Our research focuses predominantly on:

  • Cross-cultural comparison of perception of attractiveness
  • relationships between attractiveness and markers of biological quality and health.
  • Manipulation of markers of attractivity with facial cosmetics
  • Developmental aspects of attractiveness preferences

This topic is studied by:

Jan Havlíček, Vít Třebický, Tereza Nevolová, Žaneta Slámová