As part of his doctoral studies at the Department of Philosophy and History of Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Science, Charles University, he deals with the wider influence of sibling constellations on different areas of human personality (GAUK No. 269215). Therefore, he mainly addresses research questions concerning the influence of family environment as the most important epigenetic factor in the formation of person’s character traits, study skills, sexual strategies, solutions to moral dilemmas, but also on their physiological or morphological features. In the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) he is primarily concerned with the influence of family constellations on the personality of a person, especially in the context of mental illness. At the Faculty of Science, under the auspices of the Department of Teaching and Didactics of Biology, he also focuses on emergency medicine and first aid education. He e.g. deals with the emotional experience of the individual in the provision of first aid or the factors that influence the efforts to help the affected persons and now, above all, the resulting stress factors from the exercise of such professions as firefighters, rescuers and police. He also teaches several subjects related to first aid.