PTNCE 2018

Last conference of the Polish Society for Human and Evolution Studies was held 24.-26. September 2018 in Warsaw. Human Ethology group presented the latest findings here and Jan Havlíček delivered a plenary talk. For more see conference page.

Jan Havlíček: MHC, mate choice and reproduction


Karel Kleisner: Preference and size-dependent perception of sexual dimorphism in African and European faces


Jitka Fialová: Factors affecting perception of fighting ability in MMA fighters using 360° facial photographs


Vít Třebický: Congruence in facial perception of portrait, profile and 360° rotation photographs


Petr Tureček: The effect of grandmothers on their offspring reproductive outcome depends on socioeconomic status


Dagmar Schwambergová: Is reactivity of immune system related to body odour quality?


Žaneta Slámová: Association between reactivity of immune system and facial attractivenes


Pavel Šebesta: Acoustic correlates of formidability perceptions of shouts and utterances and actual fighting success in amateur MMA fighters


Group photo of all conference attendants.